A cultivated combination of expertise.

Orr Development

Inclined towards creating vibrant urban neighbourhoods, Orr Development builds residences that deviate from the norm. As a family owned and operated company, their high quality and intelligently designed residential and commercial projects endure through time. This is evident in the company’s long 80 year history of development in Vancouver – a fourth generation legacy continuing into the future. Orr Development’s vision and direction of west five has led to a truly unique living experience in Kitsilano

Yamamoto Architecture

For over 25 years, the award-winning Yamamoto Architecture has been designing structures that provide highly livable spaces for their users, while playing an important role in defining urban character. Their projects are contextually sensitive and environmentally responsible. Led by Taizo Yamamoto, an internationally renowned artist and architect, the firm pushed the design of west five to create a highly contemporary building that could be described as a work of art.

Cutler Interior Design

Inspired by classic beauty and superior finishes, Cutler’s modern designs are timeless. Residences designed by the firm concurrently demonstrate a purpose and provide visual impact, utilizing a high degree of expertise to create livable spaces. Through careful curation, cutler has translated the simplicity and functionality of a scandinavian aesthetic into a design that suits the Kitsilano environment and external architecture of West Five.